The theme of Exploitation and Corruption in Chris Egbarevba’s Canopy of Thunder and Festus Iyayi’s Violence

THE THEME OF EXPLOITATION AND CORRUPTION IN CHRIS EGBAREVBA’S CANOPY OF THUNDER AND FESTUS IYAYI’S VIOLENCE Abstract Literature is an imaginative work of art conveyed through the medium of language. It is a medium of reflecting the contemporary issues of the society be it class struggle, leadership problem, matters of security or issues on national […]

Satire and Social Mediation in Wole Soyinka’s the Trials of Brother Jero and the Road

SATIRE AND SOCIAL MEDIATION IN WOLE SOYINKA’S THE TRIALS OF BROTHER JERO AND THE ROAD CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background to the Study Literature is the mirror of life. It seeks to discuss, expose, and propose solutions to the daily problems of the society, be it social, political, economic, moral or otherwise. Therefore, literature reflects […]

Ecological Consequences of Urbanization and Industrialization

ECOLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES OF URBANIZATION AND INDUSTRIALIZATION Introduction The process of urbanization and industrialization is a large driving force of economic growth. There is a worldwide rapid spread of the process imposing additional infrastructure and production which increase energy consumption. The resulting carbon dioxide emissions (henceforth, CO2) cause a global warming and consequently attract widespread concerns […]

How the Objectives of teacher education can be achieve

HOW THE OBJECTIVES OF TEACHER EDUCATION CAN BE ACHIEVE Rethink the content of teacher education to attain teacher quality: The way in which practicing teachers learn depends on many factors – culture and tradition, existing institutions, systemic characteristics, etc. Specific designs of teacher education must be context specific, and modelled in function of specific needs […]

Health Counseling in Adolescents

HEALTH COUNSELING IN ADOLESCENTS Introduction There are a number of different forms of counselling, some of which are used in specific circumstances. In all forms of counselling the relationship between counsellor and client is of great importance. Counsellors sometimes work in general practices to treat patients with mental health problems in primary care. Although the […]

The Use Of Satire For Change In Wole Soyinka’s The Lion And The Jewel And Ola Rotimi’s Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again

THE USE OF SATIRE FOR CHANGE IN WOLE SOYINKA’S THE LION AND THE JEWEL AND OLA ROTIMI’S OUR HUSBAND HAS GONE MAD AGAIN CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the Study Africa is a continent blessed with both human and material resource. Although it is however ironical to note that all that the Africans have […]

The Inclusion of Educational Administration and Supervision in Teacher Education Curriculum

THE INCLUSION OF EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND SUPERVISION IN TEACHER EDUCATION CURRICULUM The improvement of teaching and learning is the general purpose of supervision. A basic premise of administration and supervision is that a teacher’s instructional behavior affects student learning. An examination of instructional behaviors can lead to improvement in teaching and learning. The effective school […]

Visual Material Utilization and Academic Achievement in Biology

VISUAL MATERIAL UTILIZATION AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN BIOLOGY CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background to the Study Visual materials are instructional aids that enable the teacher to teach the students to the understanding. What a child sees brings more clarity to him. Wales (2002) is of the opinion that the use of instructional resources would make […]

The Theme of War in Isidore Okpewho’s The Last Duty and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half Of A Yellow Sun

THE THEME OF WAR IN ISIDORE OKPEWHO’S THE LAST DUTY AND CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE’S HALF OF A YELLOW SUN Abstract The research work examines the theme of war in Isidore Okpewho’s The Last Duty and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun, with particular reference to the Nigeria Civil War of 1967, which led […]

4 Major Philosophical Capacities Nigerian Education Sets Out To Address

4 MAJOR PHILOSOPHICAL CAPACITIES NIGERIAN EDUCATION SETS OUT TO ADDRESS Introduction The major philosophical capacities Nigerian education sets out to address are inevitable. But, in order to make the philosophy of education work harmoniously for Nigeria’s goals, education in Nigeria has to be tailored towards self-realization, right human relations, individual and national efficiency, effective citizenship, […]