Rethink the content of teacher education to attain teacher quality: The way in which practicing teachers learn depends on many factors – culture and tradition, existing institutions, systemic characteristics, etc. Specific designs of teacher education must be context specific, and modelled in function of specific needs (education aims, processes that are already in-place, developing these skills and to understand the in depth context of the schools in which they teach. Teacher education programmes should be designed as an incentive to bring the right people into teaching and to make it adequate to the country‘s specific needs, depending on the quality and the quantity of future teachers that it is considered suitable.

Increase the coherence between the education received by teachers and what actually happens in the classrooms:The role of practical field-experience in teacher education has to be revaluated: to include practicum during initial teacher education allows to familiarize aspirant teachers to classrooms, to prevent “reality-shocks” at the beginning of their teaching career, to link pedagogical theory with practical problems and to construct a sound professional identity. The modalities (sole observation, tutoring and assistance, full responsibility of a class, small support tasks) can be adapted to the particular context of each country. Research shows that soon-to-be-teachers that have had an extensive training in schools perform better as teachers.

Systematically put into place teacher quality mechanism:Systematic certification for teachers and accreditation for teacher education providers have to be put into place. Educational authorities can establish professional standards, independently to what is taught in the teacher education programmes. This is also a way to influence on these programmes, and make their outcome closer to what the educational system needs, in terms of skills and competences. To raise the requirements to certify teachers allows improving teacher quality. How the Objectives of teacher education can be achieve. The establishment of standards to certify teachers, and/or to accreditation teacher education providers can allow to “even out” teacher education, to bring clearness and predictability into the system.

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