The Withered Flower is a play authored by Jasper Eberendu. Play specially portrays a character named Jenifer whose arrogant and bad behaviour lead her into regrets. The author uses her as an example to advice the new girls of nowadays sees beauty as an eternity gift without knowing the implication of it. Jenifer as portrayed by the author, she refuses to marry when she is young, beautiful, charming and blossoming, but she wither as last and ends up in tears, regrets frustration and even attempt to commit suicide.

On the other hand, the playwright uses his Pathos to portray his feelings towards the happening in the society among some youths. It is a popular technique use a writers to connect with people on an emotional level, which is often far more moving than logic or reason. For this reason, his pathos feeling goes directly to the main character whose beauty ends up in regrets for making a wrong decision.

With Suitable Examples Discuss Logos, Pathos, Ethos in the Withered Flower by Jasper Eberendu

In the same vein, the text is full of moral lessons to men and women, young and old and especially to the new generation of girls’ nowadays. He also writes to inform and to correct the abnormality in our contemporary society whereby girls and women misses their husbands and spouses in the name of ’’ I am too young for marriage. I am educated; if you don’t marry me another man is there. I am educated, men don’t joke with me.

I am beautiful; I will marry when I wish.  I want to enjoy my life before getting marry’’’. All these dirty thoughts lead to the regrets of majority of girls nowadays.

The play informs and educates both the young and the old, and male and female. The author writes to let them know that the beauty of a woman fates in with time and age; hence they need to do the right thing at the right time to avoid regrets at last.


Pathos (Greek for “suffering” or “experience”)


In the play, Mike experience disappointment from Jenifer when she promise him of marriage in her final year. For instance, Mike sorrowfully narrated his story to Cynthia how he is disappointed by Jenifer. According to Cynthia, Mike please I’m really sorry about that but I can’t just believe my friend could do such a thing(pp19).

As far as our society is concerned, the pride of a woman is in her husband.  So my dear don’t fail a Vitim (pp.29).

The above statement was made by Joy Jenifer’s class mate by making a silly statement about marriage during her invitation to her marriage

According to the author, Jennifer felt apprehensive of falling a victim, but quickly shrugged it off and brightened up (pp.29).

With Suitable Examples Discuss Logos, Pathos, Ethos in the Withered Flower by Jasper Eberendu

In the same vein, at night in her bed, Jennifer was lost in thought over her encounter with Joy. She shuddered fear with fear at the thought of being a victim of what Joy told her, but at the same time, she couldn’t imagine herself getting marriage without her degree and a lucrative job(pp29-30).

When Joy came on Saturday afternoon to the house of Chief William Jacobs anticipated by her fiancé. She entered the living room and met the entire household happily discussing. She greeted everyone and was suddenly shocked when her eyes caught those of Jennifer.  Jennifer! She shouted. Jennifer couldn’t believe her eyes. What are you doing here? She managed to ask.

According to the author, both Jennifer and Joy experience something strange, especially for Jennifer for seeing Joy her course mates getting marriage why she is still single (pp.33).

The author also uses pathos to focuses attention on the values and beliefs of the intended audience. He also uses pathos to:

appeals to the audience’s capacity for empathy, often by using an imaginable story to exemplify logical appeals to the reader.

Throughout the entire play, pathos is taken as affection or upheaval of the soul in the lives of the characters. The author writes to make the reader or audience know and understood the (painful or pleasurable) affect or emotion of the characters in the play. It is in this connotation that Aristotle says, pathos are “all those sources of change on account of which people differ in their judgments that are accompanied by pain and pleasure” (20).


Logos (Greek for “word”)

 Focuses attention on the message.

 often called a “logical appeal,” or an “appeal to reason.”

 Points out internal consistency and clarity within its argument.


Jennifer, is it true that you harassed Joy and threaten to stop the progress of the wedding of your own brother? (pp40). According to the author, Jennifer kept silence.  Again, Jennifer’s silence clarifies truth for harassing her brother’s wife.  In the same vein, it is also clear that Chief Jacobs was downcast; he couldn’t believe that his own daughter could nurse such a wicked idea. He couldn’t bear it; his mind. ’’ I thought you were responsible.’’ He began (Pp 41).

The above point to Jennifer’s wicked character as he father point out. It is also an example of logos that deals with the author’s attention on the message to the readers on the negative behaviours of Jennifer towards her Owen biological brother’s wife. The author also point and called a “logical appeal,” or for the reader of this work as well as the men and   women in the society to take caution on what goes around our lives.

 Points out internal consistency and clarity within its argument.


Ethos (Greek for “character”)

The author portrays attention to:

 the reader’s trustworthiness.

 takes one of two forms: “appeal to the youths to credibility.”

 show “ethos” through her tone, such as taking care to show more than one side of an issue in the text.

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